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Exporting… at what cost? Part 2

As your company deploys all its resources and attention to other territories, does it not leave the field open to foreign competitors who wish to obtain a place of choice in your own market? On several occasions, I lost the hard-won shelf-space I had acquired in my own market by neglecting it in favor of export markets that were consuming my attention and all my energies. We had neglected the customers who encouraged us since the beginning of our activities and we did not understand the importance of always renewing our marketing efforts on our own territory....

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Exporting… at what cost? Part 1

Nowadays, in this era of globalization, it seems impossible to imagine that the growth and deployment of a business is not attributable to the development of new territories. The generosity of the financial assistance granted by the government to this type of deployment testifies to this keen interest in the conquest of the world markets. It is widespread enough to suggest that a self-respecting company should be considering expanding its activities outside its territory, no matter the cost....

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