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Beware of creditors… more then debts! Part 2

Il important de bien prévoir le financement des premiers frais fixes comme les salaires et le loyer. Et un peu plus car il y aura toujours des dépenses imprévues. L’idée c’est d’aller chercher le maximum de dette à chaque fois que vous avez accès à du financement., mais aussi de choisir le financement le plus avantageux (en considérant les frais de dossier, conditions de remboursement et taux d’intérêts) avant de passer au financement le plus coûteux… Dans mon cas, j’ai opté pour un prêt de la BDC pour financer la mise en place de ma nouvelle usine....

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Beware of creditors… more then debts! Part 1

Financing a business is one if not the main concern of most companies, and for good reason. Bad choices at the start-up phase can have an impact on the whole life of your business, whether long or short! If there are mistakes that can and should be avoided, others will inevitably happen. This is a complex subject and you will see how many issues are involved when reading the story of my experience. This will give you an idea of the errors you should avoid, as well as some tips and warnings that will be useful for optimal and sustainable business financing....

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The vertigo of growth. Part 2

Your sales forecasts and those of your distributors will sometimes be too optimistic. We are often tempted to put makeup on them in order to seduce shareholders and bankers. But how to plan for this growth and what happens when the forecasts do not correspond to reality? Unless you are invited to present your company on TV, you cannot expect miracles when marketing new products or entering a new market....

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